Welcome To Bath Art Refinishing

Powered by NanoTechnology

Powered by NanoTechnology

Welcome To Bath Art Refinishing

Introducing glass coat!

We are the only company offering this service.

This Product is Exclusive to Bath Art Refinishing!

Dirt-repellent & Water Repellent Properties!

Extend the Life of Your Tub or Tile by 30 Years!

Reduce Cleaning by 10%!

Save Money on Cleaning Products!

Restore Bathtub or Tile Back to Its Original Look!

What is NanoTechnology?

Bathtub Refinishing   Nanotechnology

Affordable Bathtub Refinishing & Nanotechnology coatings for bathroom and kitchen surfaces

Contact: Orlando Office (407) 952-0958 – Miami Office (800) 206-5958 – BathArt Refinishing is proud to announce it will continue to celebrate and promote its Support A Soldier Campaign. We will continue to donate $3.00 of each bathtub refinished profits towards The Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you for your donations and let’s continue to support our brave men and women in uniform. BathArt Refinishing provides an affordable, and convenient way to facelift your outdated kitchen and bathroom. Here at BathArt Refinishing we stand behind our products and service, we are the only company offering our industry leading 7 Year Warranty on refinished or reglazed bathtubs. Also Introducing Our BathArt Glass Coat! BathArt Refinishing is the only company in Florida offering this coating and service. Extend the life of your bathtub or tile surround by 20 years and reduce cleaning by 10% Return your bathtub, sink, tile, or fiberglass unit back to its original look. No other refinishing or method even comes close. Don’t be fooled by low price refinishing companies using cheap materials and offering shady warranties. Our projects won’t fade, chip or peel and thats a guarantee!

Restore Bathtub or Tile Back to Its Original Look!

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Orlando Office (407) 952-0958 – Miami Office (800) 206-5958 – Central & South Florida

Bathtub Refinishing

It’s financially worthwhile to refinish your tub versus paying for bathtub replacement or liner. The difficulty with liners is that moisture becomes trapped in between the surface of the tub and the liner itself. This can lead to mildew, rust and mold, all of which weakens your bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing is clearly the best option for your bathtub! It will save you thousands of dollars and time. Replacing can take days sometimes weeks of messy, dirty, loud and expensive construction level work. BathArt Refinishing artist’s, have the ability to reglaze your existing bathtubs or tiles and return those surfaces back to their original look. Our exclusive glass coat strengthens the surface extending the life by 20 years and reducing cleaning by 10%. It’s clearly a no brainer. Don’t replace it! Refinish It! Bathtub Refinishing

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Nanotechnology is the creation of useful and functional materials, devices, and systems through control of matter on the namometer length scale and exploitation of novel phenomena and properties at a very small scale.

BathArt refinishing offers our exclusive Nano protective coating for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This protective coating protects your investment and reduces cleaning by 70%. Yes reduce cleaning and protect your surface and investment all at the same time. Our super hydrophobic coatings keep surfaces cleaner and free of humidity, mildew, water stains, mold,metal tarnish, and concrete efflorescence

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Orlando Office (407) 952-0958 - Miami Office (800) 206-5958

Orlando – (407) 952-0958 – Miami – (800) 206-5958