Here at BathArt Refinishing our specialty is the restoration of Bathtubs, sinks, and all Fiberglass units. Old and worn out cast iron or porcelain-over-steel bathtubs can be beautifully restored and reglazed. Fiberglass shower pans can be repaired and restored to new condition. Old, cracked, and chipped tile with ugly, impossible to clean grout can be entirely changed in appearance. Kitchen Counter tops of Formica or tile can be made to look like stone with Natural Accents, a rock-like finish. Chips, cracks and damage in porcelain and fiberglass tubs and showers can be spot repaired in just that area.

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10 year Refinishing

You could have a completely new look without removing your wall, shower, or floor tile. Bathtub re glazing saves time, money and messy construction level work. Bath Art refinishing is Central Florida’s #1 ranked refinishing company with 25 years of experience we stand behind our products and service. Now offering our industry leading 10 year warranty program. All refinishing projects come complete with our no gimmicks 10 Year Warranty protecting against chipping, peeling, and discoloration.

Our services include the following :-

  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Bathtub refinishing or bathtub re glazing
  • Crack repair in acrylic and Fiberglass Tub Resurfacing, shower pans and tubs
  • Kitchen counters top refinishing, restoration and recoloring
  • Chip repair in porcelain tubs and sinks
  • Tile Shower cleaning and refinishing
  • Ceramic tile refinishing

We offer a 10 year warranty of refinished bathtubs, tile, and Fiberglass Tub Resurfacing. Countertops and floors also have a warranty of five years, but may be lessened due to a complication on that particular job. Bathroom sinks, tile shower pans, and spot repairs have a warranty of one year. Due to the amount of wear most kitchen sinks receive, they do not have a warranty at all. These warranties cover the failure of the material’s adhesion, most visible in the form of peeling.

Our finish is very tough but it still can be chipped, just as the original porcelain will when struck forcefully. Chips from impacts are not covered on warranty, but can be fixed by our spot repair service. Smaller chips can be easily touched up with a kit that can be provided. Leaky plumbing and bathmats also damage the finish and void the warranty. If you think you are going to use a bathmat, it is better to get our permanent slip-resistant finish as part of the job. Bathmats, when left in the bottom, are known to damage the finish within a year or two.

Please note that travel charges will apply for post-work inspections in which the reported condition is not covered by warranty, for example: if a chip due to an impact was reported as peeling.

Bathtub reglazing saves time, money and expensive messy construction level work disturbances. CONTACT US TODAY (800) 206-5958

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