The most return on a remodeling investment has been proven to be in the Bathroom and Kitchen. Most of the investment in remodeling bathroom is returned in the value of the home minimize Bathtub Refinishing Cost by using our service.

Why not have a way to minimize the expense of tearing out an old bathtub and tile? This can be done by choosing a quality refinishing company. I stress quality because not all refinishers choose to do a proper job.

A proper remodeling bathroom requires careful attention to detail and preparation of the surface

Our process

  • First, we will remove the old caulking and clean the surface of the bathtub.
  • Next, we will etch the porcelain using an acid etching and wet sanding process.
  • Then, we will mask and protect the entire bathroom and we will install a ventilation system.
  • Then, we will first apply a self-etching primer as a base coat.
  • Then, the finish is applied.
  • The finish is a spray on process for a high gloss high shine surface.
  • Finally, we will remove all masking and leave the bathroom clean. CONTACT US TODAY (407) 952 - 0958
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