Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Reduce cleaning by 70% and protect your surfaces from bacteria. Imagine your desired space Anti-microbial for years? Control bacteria with science, rather than expensive harsh chemicals.

Reduce cost on cleaning products and services. Protect your investment home or commercial establishment from bacteria and facelift those spaces back to their original looks and finishes.

Protect your stainless steel appliances or commercial kitchens from grease and water corrosion. Save money on chemicals and sealers and overpriced cleaning services.

Our super hydrophobic coatings keep surfaces cleaner and free of humidity, mildew, water stains, mold, metal tarnish, and concrete efflorescence.

Ask about our BathArt residential and commercial cleaning services options. We have cleaning options and a la carte services to fit any home or commercial budget. All of our services include a deep Nano cleaning followed by a protective Nano top coating on desired surfaces. All products used are Nanotechnology based and fully echo friendly using no harsh environmentally unfriendly products. Go Green, Go Nano and Save Time and Money

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