Nanotechnology is no longer a product of the future. Today’s science has allowed us to develop products and application methods using nanotechnology to not only make surfaces hydrophobic but antimicrobial! Imagine controlling your living spaces or work environment with science rather than harsh environmentally unfriendly chemicals! At BathArt Refinishing we are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday cleaning and sanitary needs. One application last 5-10 years!! – Nano Service


BathArt Antimicrobial Coatings break down and dissolve 99.9% of deadly bacteria, super bugs, flesh eating MRSA, new super bug plague CRE, deadly flu viruses, Ebola virus, staph, E-Coli, salmonella, C-Diff, molds, mildew, toxins, pollutants, infestations etc. BathArt LLC only uses green products and has close to no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Due to the increasing treat of super bugs and viruses this protective coating is truly necessary for every household and business.

BathArt Refinishing has the ability to coat and protect your shower glass doors, completely eliminating the need for harsh cleaning and reducing regular cleaning and maintenance by 80%. Coat your shower glass door enclosures and benefit from a super hydrophobic glass repelling water and eliminating soap scum and hard water stains. Enjoy brilliant clear shower glass doors for years to come. Our coatings also strengthen the surface extending the life of your investment and truly protecting and sealing your surface of choice. Antimicrobial benefits: Protect yourself, children, and employees from ever increasing bacteria and deadly virus threats.

At BathArt Refinishing, we are dedicated to eliminating these threats in our homes, offices, and work spaces. We have the ability to coat virtually any surface and make that surface antimicrobial for years!! Imagine coating the inside and outside of your toilets, sinks, bathtubs, tile, book shelves, countertops, the list goes on and on… Make those surfaces antimicrobial and reduce cleaning in those spaces by 80%.

BathArt Refinishing offers one time industrial strength applications along with a full portfolio of cleaning products and services to include specialized A’ la Carte maid services. We have programs that will benefit any set budget or cleaning schedule. Contact us @ (407) 952 - 0958 and ask about our Nano service.

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