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BathArt Thermo-coat is the only Flouro-carbon polymer porcelain glaze currently being used in the bathtub refinishing market. BathArt's Thermo-Coat is superior in every way to standard epoxies and two part polyurethanes extending the life of the refinished bathtub, tile, countertop or sink fixture by 20-25 years. No other refinishing method or process even comes close. Our teflon fiber infused nano top coatings are formulated for underwater exposure and prevent corrosion, mildew, algae, and soap scum build up. Our refinishing process does not use epoxy or polyurethane “Paints” like the other guys, we use an actually coating best described as a liquid liner that will protect your investment and comes complete with our industry leading lifetime warranty.



BathArt Refinishing offers our exclusive Ti02 Nanotechnology protective coating for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This protective coating protects your investment and reduces cleaning by 70%. Yes reduce cleaning and protect your investment all at the same time. Our superhydrophobic coatings keep surfaces cleaner and free of humidity, mildew, water stains, mold, metal tarnish, and concrete efflorescence.

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