We introduced our line of nanotechnology hydrophobic/antimicrobial coatings for glass and other hard surfaces six years ago, these products help maintain and sanitize commercial spaces like daycares, hospitals, transport companies, taxis, and Ubers.

We proudly have the ability to coat surfaces like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, countertops, full bathrooms, kitchens, and vehicles with our Defender Viral Disinfectants.

Defender Sanitation products are EPA approved (APA # 87538-492366) they destroy and eliminate:

Human Corona Virus (COVID-19), Influenza, H1N1, SARS, Adenovirus Type 4, MRSA, staph, swine flu, fungus, mold, mildew, germs, bacteria, and eliminates odors.

BathArt Defender Sanitation Products

(APA # 87538-492366)

Fights and Destroys: Human Corona Virus (COVID-19), Influenza, H1N1, SARS, Adenovirus Type 4, MRSA, staph, swine flu, fungus, mold, mildew, germs, bacteria, and eliminates odors .

BathArt's Defender Electrostatic/Fogging system is designed to disinfect surfaces and keep them sanitary for up to 3 months by way of nano-spear technology mechanical kill. **** When applied using Electrostatic/Fogging application systems.



  • Promotes healthy living
  • ***Keeps surfaces sanitary up to 3 Months
  • EPA and Boeing certified
  • Fights against (COVID-19), MRSA, staph, swine flu, fungus, mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria.
  • Eliminates odors

How it works: Defender uses Nano-Spear technology. Picture 15,000 microscopic spears that can fit on the head of a pin. When germs come in contact with this surface, it implodes the mucus membrane making them inert. Also unlike regular chemical kill sanitizers, the Defender stays on the surface for up to 3 months protecting that surface from any microbes that come in contact with it. Regular sanitizers kill on contact, and immediately afterward germs can come right back in contact with that surface and survive.

Process: (Per Room Service) disinfectant kill times are 10 minutes! The residue is wiped down using microfiber materials and the area is ready for full use, most rooms take 12-15 minutes to complete.

1 Room $175.00
2 Rooms $160.00 Each Room (Example: Bathroom & Kitchen)
3 Rooms + $150.00 Per Room

BathArt Defender Nano Spear Technology

(APA # 87538-492366)

Mechanical NOT Chemical Kill

Product Overview: BathArt Defender leaves behind an invisible bonded-shield that bonds to the surfaces, forming a microscopic land mine of NanoSpears which implode the membranes of Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs causing them to become inert while also preventing future odors. This mechanical kill does not promote “Super Bugs” such as is seen with traditional chemical killing agents. It will also inhibit future odors. Eliminates Odors at the source The power of Defender creates an odor-fighting shield Quickly eliminates odors on soft and hard surfaces. Defender is very effective at eliminating cigarette and tobacco odors.

Excellent for buses, cabs, trains, passenger planes and Uber vehicles. Also eliminates odor from cat litter boxes, pet urine, sports equipment, musty basements, garbage cans, kitchens, cars, boats, shoes. Used to remove: Cigarette and tobacco odors, organic, pet, musty laundry, and sour smells, bodily fluids and excretions (urine, bowel movement, vomit, blood, body odor/perspiration.) Special Attributes: No toxicity No harsh chemicals Bonds and creates a shield Inhibits overpopulation of malodors Pet friendly and child-safe.

PHYSICAL DATA TYPICAL VALUE pH of 1% solution 8-10 Flash Point (degrees F) None Percent active ingredients 1.00% Bulk Density 8.3#/Gallon Color: Clear Form: Liquid Solubility in Water: Completely Soluble Hard Water Effectiveness: Highly Effective Biodegradability: Biodegradable Shelf Life: One year from the date of manufacture Health Safety Information: OSHA Hazardous Ingredients: None RCRA Hazard Class: Non-hazardous Priority Pollutants: None DOT Hazard Classification: Non-hazardous Eye Irritation: Mild irritation Oral Toxicity: Not
Toxic VOC Content: 0% Carcinogenicity: NTP = No IARC = No OSHA = No Precautions: Do not take internally. For eyes, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available at 800-206-5958.